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As far back as I can remember I just loved to dance, and for years I danced and danced enjoying myself and partners, then I had the opportunity to get free lessons at the local dance school and bang they tore me all apart. I thought I knew how to dance but they proved that I was a rank amateur and started me on a 13 week makeover and taught me to dance. I had to learn both male and female parts and after the 13 weeks (and 100 steps patterns) it took a year before I looked like a dancer. And I progressed through the years gaining dance experience and learning how to teach to individuals and groups. I just loved it but could not make a living at it; you got to sell to earn your keep. One of my most memorable moments was teaching 350 people who paid .15, yea fifteen cents, to learn the Cha Cha in one hour (that was in the early 60's)and I earned 10 bucks for the job. Now I am adding the finish touches to my "how to Do" book. The cover is to the left. If you see it in the Book store, Buy it. It will help.

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