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I have been using computers since 1975, when I saw the Altair 8800 computer, first advertised in the magazine and later at a live demo. I remembered that unit quite well. The unit hade a series of switches and red lights on the front which were used to boot strap the computer up, it was a long process taking about a hour. Half way through the 2-hour demo the speaker gave everyone a chance to take a break, stretch their legs and take a closer look at this computer. Low and behold some bright spectator toggled one of the switches on the computer up and down saying, "what is this switch for", the room grew quite as the computer was powered off. The speaker started to explain how the system worked while his assistant labored with the switches of an hour rebooting the Altair. Now, of course, it is a simple matter to reboot a computer, and by the way, the off and on switch was way in the back on many units for many years.

PS I like the Samsung.

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