Quick & Easy One-Step American Social Dancing
a Quick path to 6 Popular Dances

Book Cover If you can walk, you can dance.
• Practice alone, it makes you Light on your Feet.

• Wall Flowers turn into Blooming Roses.
• Need to dance at your Wedding- got you covered in the 1st Chapter.
• Feel like you have 2 left feet, we have the cure, this book is for you.
Dancing is a universal form of movement to music. Dancing can give you a feeling of confidence, happiness and be a way to improve your balance, poise and general movement. Dancing can be fun and often an expression of one's mood and feelings set to music.
It can also be a form of exercise. Before beginning any form of exercise program, consult with your physician.
This publication provides the Author's opinion based on his years of experience. Individual results can vary and often depend on the amount of effort and diligence of an individual. This book is a beginner's guide and not meant to replace individual personal instruction of a qualified instructor.
The Publisher and Author disclaim any personal liability, loss or risk incurred as a consequence of the use of and/or application of, either directly or indirectly, any advice, information, or methods presented in the publication.

All listed steps can be done in the Five Dances listed Fox_Trot Waltz Rumba Samba and Polka Similar basic steps combined for the Tango
Wedding Day Dance Guide
Quick & Easy to learn
your first dance as
  Mr & Mrs
Ebook and Demonstrations avalable 
 Sample Introduction
Senior Dancing Guide Ebook
Dance and Enjoy Life
Ebook and Demonstrations avalable
Highschool Prom Touch Dancing Guide
Slow Together Dancing
Ebook and Demonstrations avalable
All steps can be done in the Five Dances listed Fox_Trot Waltz Rumba Samba and Polka Quick & easy to learn via web access

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